About Vallentyne Woodworks

Robert Vallentyne has been a “Maker” for 45 years.  He opened his first business at the age of 20 and has been self-employed 45 years in carpentry and woodworking. After retiring and doing a short stint as an ocean crossing captain of a large sailing vessel, he settled on woodworking in his retirement.  Wood working is his passion, and completing a perfect project is what gives meaning to his life. 

“Each project I do brings new challenges, in designing, executing, and perfecting each work of art.  Unlike woodworkers who open factories and crank out cabinets every day, or chairs by the hundreds, my mission is more humble.  One item at a time, with each one due the care and respect it deserves.   My favorite saying is ‘Just do it perfect, it’ll be fine.’”

Custom tables, chairs, desks, cabinets, doors, or smaller items like jewelry boxes, cutting boards, bread boxes, and children’s toys. Larger items like restaurant furniture or custom butcher work benches, recording studio desks, or art pieces – All of these things bring joy to him as he finalizes and perfects each piece.

If you have a favorite antique peace, Robert has all of the old-world skills to ensure your grandma’s chair or hutch is brought back to life in better than new condition while respecting the years that the piece has been through.

“I don’t do a lot of work, I am after all retired, but the work I choose to do, is all given my complete attention, and benefits from cherished old-world skills as well as cutting edge modern skills when they prove superior.  When I repair something, it is as good as new and can expect a life of many years of service.

When you commission a piece, I absolutely guaranteed it will thrill you.

That is my promise.”

-Robert Vallentyne